Good Progress on Clean Up Day at Timezone

We had a nice break in the weather yesterday so that Rose City Scale Racing could help get things ready for the 2013 racing season at Timezone Raceway. We did a full pressure washing of the track and drivers stand.  We mowed the grass and did a first pass around the edge of the track for further repairs to be done before racing begins. Rick says he has some extra curbing work he would like to do before the season starts as well. Remember, this season Sunday practice is for Rose City Scale Racing members only. For the small sum of $20 to join you can have access to a world class facility.  A track conduct sign will be placed soon to remind us all of how we will be responsible adults while playing with our tiny race cars.  Now, get those cars ready, and be ready to do some racing in 2013!


RoseCityCleaningAtTimezone RoseCityCleaningAtTimezone2