March 3, 2014 Meeting Minutes

March 3 2014 Rose City Scale Racing Agenda

Rose City Scale Racing 2014

Meeting Minutes

TimeZone II


The meeting was called to order at 11:30AM by Andy Wells

 1. Members and those in Attendance

  • Ryan Newberry
  •  Jeff Holt
  • Mike Biscieglia
  • Bruce Grembowski
  • Rob Undrill
  • Mark Day
  • Jim Meyer
  • Chad Burdick
  • Colin Branch
  • Ken Crouse
  • Darren Pollard
  • Andy Wells
  • Richard Donovan
  • Mike Godson
  • Joe Casey

The agenda was approved by acclamation.

2. Elections

Elections were held will all nominations being made and seconded by those present.  With only single individuals being put forward for each office, all votes were unanimous with no one opposed or abstaining.

  •  Jeff Holt was elected Director of promotions
  •  Karen St.Cyr was elected Treasurer
  • Mike Godson was elected Secretary
  • Ryan Newberry was elected President
  • Bruce Grembowski was elected Race Director

After completion of elections, Ryan assumed chair of the meeting.

  3. The St. Cyr’s Involvement

Ryan talked about what Rick needs for us to race at TZ this season. We are good to go, so long as improvements and other expenses are covered by the club.  The club must also stage all races and provide the St.Cyr’s support, relieving them of all time commitments for club events


 4. Rose City’s Responsibilities for Track Improvements

Discussion began on the expenses listed below.  Rob moved and Mike seconded to approve the expenses as presented.  The motion was unanimously approved.

  •  Paint tables                                                                                                                                     $100
  • Porta Potties emptied                                                                                                                 $100
  •  Buying a 55Gal drum of methanol for traction compound                                         $250
  • *Optional* Buying 2 Barrel Dollies for traction compound and methanol          $150
  • Finishing of signs.

 5. Trailer Maintenance and Storage

Discussion began on the expenses listed below.  Mike moved and Rob seconded to approve purchasing a tongue lock.  The motion was unanimously approved.

  •  Need to buy a tongue lock and extra keys        $35
  • General cleanup of outside of trailer
  • Empty out trailer, cleaning of track materials and organization of trailer
  • Maintenance of blowers, empty of old gas, firing everything up
  • Trailer Storage
  • Insurance is in order
  • Towing of trailer
  • Trailer storage is still an issue that needs to be addressed long term.  Mark volunteered to store the trailer if someone can be identified to tow it.  Ryan will follow up.
  • Mark moved and Rob seconded performing all the items in Trailer Maintenance and Storage.
  • A workday will be arranged to perform all required maintenance in the near future. Again, Ryan will follow up.

 6. 2013 Income and Expenses

Ryan reported on income and expenses for 2013.  Rob Undrill wanted to publicly note he still owes the club $200 for sale of the truck.  No motions were made.


  •     27 Membership Fees     $540
  •     Race Fees                           $446
  •     Selling of truck                 $200
  •     Total                                     $1186


  •      Insurance                           $300
  •      Business License             $50       Rob Undrill paid this, we still owe him
  •      Porta Potties                    $100
  •      Total                                    $450

7. 2014 Expenses

Ryan presented a projected expense budget for 2014.  After discussion, a $200 miscellaneous item was added to the 2014 expense plan to cover minor costs, for a total of $1185.  It was moved, seconded, and unanimously approved to accept the 2014 budget with the addition of $200.

  •      Insurance                                 $300
  •      Business License                   $50
  •      Porta Potties                          $100
  •      Painting of tables                 $100
  •      55 Gallons Methanol           $250
  •      Tongue lock and Keys         $35
  •      2 Barrel Dollies                      $150
  •      Miscellaneous                        $200
  •      Total                                          $1185


8. Membership Dues and Race Fees

Ryan reported on the fee structure for last year.  Last year was $20 for RCSR membership with $5 race fee (unlimited classes) and $10 for non-members (unlimited classes)

Honorary Members and Paid race fees

  • Rick St.Cyr (Owner)
  • Mark Day (Owner)
  • Richard St. Cyr (Owner)
  • Dana Mckee (Donated Traction Compound)

Discussion of waivers for membership and races was discussed.  The only addition was the race director should have race fees waived. This was also our practice last year.

It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved to leave race fees and waivers as listed for last year.  Ryan asked about membership cards.  Godson will investigate membership cards and determine if the club still has a laminator.

 9. Tires

Ryan talked about the remaining sets of club tires left over from previous years.  The Club has 22 sets of 3 year old Sweep 36’s. Should we sell them for $15 to get rid of them?

It was moved, seconded and approved to sell the remaining tires for $15 a set.  Ryan will manage this sale.

There was some discussion of the club carrying tires for certain classes.  No decision was made.

 10. PayPal for the Club?

Ryan opened discussion of getting paypal or some other form of electronic payment system for the club.  After some general dialogue, Jeff will investigate paypal and square for club fees, and then implement the most reasonable solution.

 11. Does RCSR want to put on the “6th Annual Timezone Grand Prix”?

Ryan posed the question, “Should our club host the TZGP?”  After discussion it was moved, seconded, and approved to host the TZGP for Rick.  The vote was unanimous, with the exception of Rob Undrill abstaining on the motion.

 12. Proposed Race Dates

Ryan discussed the club race calendar.  He has researched the dates and knows of no significant local conflicts.  The group generally agreed to firm schedule, and not holding rainout dates.

Accepting the schedule as presented was moved, seconded and unanimously approved.

  • May 3rd
  • May 17th
  • May 31st    3 Hour GT8 Enduro!
  • June 14th
  • June 28th
  • July 4th  The “Firecracker 300″
  • July 17th -20th 6 Annual Timezone Grand Prix
  • August 2nd Kings Kruze
  • August 23rd
  • September 7th   THIS IS A SUNDAY!

All dates will be at TZ Raceway Park with the exception of Kings Kruze, which will be at Glenwood Community Church.

 13. Thursday Night Thunder

Ryan talked about Thursday nights and possible dates.  The proposed days provide the longest daylight hours.

  •  May 22nd    8:43 Sunset
  • June 5th       8:55
  • June 19th     9:03
  • July10th     8:59

After some discussion it was moved, seconded and approved to race electric only on the Thursdays proposed.  Ryan will be the primary organizer of these events.

 14. Adjournment and Next Meeting

Ryan closed with a request to think about parking lot races as a way to promote the club.

Meeting adjourned at 12:30pm.

An Executive cabinet meeting will be held in 2 weeks at TZII.  The discussion will focus on facilitating the TZGP.  Specific time for the meeting will be announced.