Club Meeting Date Set

It’s the middle of winter (pounding rain season) and it is time to start thinking about those Nitro cars and the fumes they produce once again. You know they need some love, right? Ryan has scheduled a club meeting for February 28th up at Timezone 2. Directions are here.

If you are wanting to get involved, this is a good time to show and up and ask your questions.

I know Ryan will have some amazing news about the coming season, so please, show up, support the club and get ready for another killer season racing toy cars!


UPDATE: From RC Tech.

Club meeting is planned for February 28th @ 1:00, location will be Timezone II in La Center, the same day as the evening club race. I will try to bring some pizzas or BBQ stuff for lunch also.

Current officers are;
President, Ryan Newbury
Vice President, Vacant
Treasurer, Karen St. Cyr
Secretary, Mike Godson
Race Director, Bruce Grembowski
Communications Director, Jeff Holt

Office terms are a year by year commitment. My current knowledge as of now, no one will be vacating their seat. I would like to fill the vacant Vice Presidency slot if anyone is interested. This is an open election though, if you would like to run for any office positions, please let me know.

We will go over last years minutes and agenda. I will be rough planning this years race schedule and agenda for the Club for the year.

If anyone would like to continue to run the “Thursday Night (Electric) Thunder” please let me know. This hasn’t been the greatest of success the last few years and I believe some new blood and enthusiasm could get this back up and rolling. I would help you along if someone is interested.

Please bring your ideas, thoughts, comments, criticism or anything else that would be useful to the club! See you guys Feb 28th!