First Race is this Saturday April 25th!

21.5 Scale Spec
21.5 LM-1
21.5 F-1
17.5 Sedan
Mod Sedan

2, 5 minute qualifiers with either Double or Triple A’s

10th Scale
1/8 GT8
1/8 Open

2, 5 minute qualifers with 10 or 15 minute mains



  • 8:30 Blowers start and LANE CHOICE traction compound laid down
  • 9:00 Electrics may be on the track
  • 9:30 Nitro motors can fire up
  • 11:00 Drivers Meeting
  • 11:15 First Qualifier

We will probably do 15 minute intervals between Electric and Nitros

$5 RCSR Members unlimited classes
$10 Non-members unlimited classes

You can become a Member for $20

Rick has the Sweep 36 white rims for $20 a set. He also has 10 sets of GT8 tires for $50 a set and Fuel for $28 a gallon.


There will not be lunch available. Rick has said we may use his BBQ if you want to bring something to grill. I have donated a mini fridge to the club for storing condiments and such.

Meeting Minutes from February 28th, 2015

  • Attendance 15 plus people were in attendance.


  • Called to order at 1:20pm by Ryan


  • Agenda Approval – Dennis approves the agenda and Bruce seconds.


  • Elections- Would anybody like to run for Office? We would like to add a Vice President? All parties will stay in place Mike Bisciegila was elected VP,  Bruce is race director, Ryan president, Jeff director of marketing, Mike Secretary, Karen Treasurer.


  • Cyr’s Expectations and Improvements- The St Cyr’s will be upgrading the amp and are improving track conditions with the removal of 8 trees. They are requesting that we start using the lower entrance, (weather permitting) and driving up to the pitting areas of the track. They would also like help with the dismantling of the play structure.


  • RCSR Track Improvements and Responsibilities- RCSR has placed an order to purchase and make 48, 12″ steel dots at a cost of approx. $500. We would also like to upgrade our Decoder box to the new RC4 system, approx. $700. Our normal responsibilities to the track are; Porta Potty maintenance- $130 per visit, Methanol for traction compound- $215 a drum. Rick has told me, as long as he is racing, he will provide the traction compound.


  • A new RC decoder box was approved by the body.


  • Trailer Maintenance-Probably can get away with a general cleaning of the trailer this year


  • 2014 Income & Expenses,

2013 Started with                     $2786

2014 Member & Race fees       $770

TZGP    Profit                              $1439

15 Sets of Old TC tires                $150

Total                                               $5145

2014 Expenses                            $1320

2014 End Of year                       $3825   Actual is $3857, there was a couple donations


  • Inventory; 3 sets of GT tires & 7 sets of cheap TC tires The TC tires will be donated to a new racer in need.
  • Member Dues & Race Fees- Currently $20 for RCSR membership and $5 race fees, unlimited classes. $10 for Non-members
  • Tires Bought through Rick- Rick has 15 sets of GT tires for $50 a set and 25 sets of 2013 TZGP Sweep tires for $20 a set. Rick will have fuel and continue to purchase tires for sale if needed.
  • PayPal- Do we still want to use this? Will use only for TZGP
  • TNT- We need someone to take charge of this if we want to continue. Ryan Newbury will call the races but would like someone to be in charge of setting up the track and computer. Either a 4 or 6 week series? May 14th, June 11th, July 9th, and Aug 13th.  For this series Mike Bescieglia will be the coordinator and Ryan will direct the races.
  • Schedule

Practice is Sunday’s when no race is on Saturday.


Ryan will send me the schedule discussed and post on the WordPress Page.  April 11th is workparty.  King’s Kruz will be an oval.


New business – Jeff will serve as tech and club sales during the TZGP.


Meeting adjourned at 2:07pm.

Minutes for 2015 RCSR Meeting Minutes  in Word format.

TZGP Signups OPEN!

This is no April fools joke, signups are now OPEN! Click HERE and click on the flyer to register!

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