Club Race Day with more than 30 Entries!

Wow!!! What an amazing day of racing! Over 30 entries on an absolutely beautiful day. Track conditions were top notch with racing being at the highest level this year.
SS/Vta was hot and fiery with Ryan Brownlee, Dennis Capper and BRENDEN! Newbury all winning an “A” but Ryan took the overall with a tie-breaker of 2 seconds over Brenden.
17.5 saw Brian Shook win A1 but then Brad Borneil take A2, letting everything come down to A3. But the calm, cool, collected pasty white guy from up north made all the right moves and stayed out of trouble to take A3, yes I’m talking about Brian Shook
10th Scale Nitro had Old Man Dana McKee making his return to the racing scene and also taking TQ in th class with the other old guy Rick St. Cyr in the second spot. Ryan Newbury, still breaking in a motor, had an ace up his sleeve, with his beautiful wife pitting his car. (Yes, it’s my race report, Lol) The start went off uneventful except for Ryans car majorly bogged on the start letting Dana and Rick a few seconds away. At about the 7 minute mark, Rick had front shock failure letting Ryan into second position. Ryan’s fuel load was only lasting 3 minutes to Dana’s 5 meaning Ryan had to pit 2 extra times. Forward to the last 3 minutes of the race, after Melissa Newbury’s stellar pitstops, had Ryan within 10 seconds of Dana. Ryan left nothing on the track, using up his car and his tires. With Dana getting out of shape, on the last lap at the start finish line, Ryan and Dana were banging doors all the way across the line with Ryan taking the win with a .01 margin.
GT8 had the debut of Ryan Brownlee with his X3 ride taking the TQ and GT8 veteran Mike Biscieglia in the second position. They ran most of the race 1-2 until Mike had clutch problems letting the other new GT8 guy Brad Borneil into second place. Ryan B prevailed with the wire to wire win to take his first GT8 win. Now he needs to sweet talk his girlfriend to let him race in the TZGP
1/8 Open was the biggest class of the day with Kody Knutson and his ARC R8.0 taking TQ for the day. During the race, Kody clipped the grass, removing his side belt but was still able to recover to take the win. Tom Camou overcame a blown shock in warmups to take second, with that new, old guy Dana Mckee in third.

Next Sunday will be a practice day with June 20th being the next race day! Thanks to everyone for coming out!

-Ryan Newbury-