2016 Club Meeting


2016 Rose City Scale Racing Agenda

 Meeting was held at Premier RC on Feb 13th and called to order at 12:30 PM.  Ryan Newbury chaired the meeting.


  • Ryan Newbury
  • Brenden Newbury
  • Sven Boehringer
  • Ryan Brownlee
  • Mike Biscieglia
  • Mike Godson
  • Jim Meyer
  • Jeff Holt
  • Rick St. Cyr
  • Chad Blanton
  • Chad Burdick
  • Oliver Brankovk
  • Tom Camou
  • Stevie Flores
  • Devin Patterson
  • Dennis Capper
  • Dave Erlich


Agenda Approval

A motion was made and seconded to approve the agenda.  The vote was called, passing unanimously.

Elections- Would anybody like to run for Office?

 All officers were willing to continue.  No objections were offered and all positions were approved as currently stand.

  • President – Ryan Newbury
  • Vice President – Mike Biscieglia
  • Treasurer – Karen St. Cyr
  • Secretary – Mike Godson
  • Director of Promotions – Jeff Holt
  • Track Coordinator – Dennis Capper
  • Bruce Grembowski – Race Director


  • St. Cyr’s Expectations and Improvements- They are requiring that we use the lower entrance, (weather permitting) and driving up to the pitting areas of the track. Rick would like manual labor help with the following projects; Finishing metal stairs for drivers stand. Building the walkway around the south sweeper. Building a new announcers booth with unobstructed views of the track and pitlane. Fixing the scoring loop. The St Cyr’s and On-time Services have provided a lot of essential amenities and equipment to help RCSR keep TZRP in optimal shape. A request has been put in for the possibility of splitting the profits from the TZGP, roughly $1000.


It was moved and seconded to split the profits of TZGP 2016 with the St. Cyr’s.  The motion was unanimously approved.

RCSR Track Improvements and Responsibilities

We need new decking for the drivers stand at a rough cost of $400. Karen would like to see Race Central repainted $100

Our normal responsibilities to the track are; Porta Potty maintenance- $130 per visit, 2 drums of methanol for traction compound- $215 a drum, $430 total. ½ Barrel of Lane choice Traction compound- $375  

It was moved and seconded to approve track improvements and responsibilities expenses.  The motion was unanimously approved.

  • Trailer Maintenance-Probably can get away with a general cleaning of the trailer this year again

Discussion regarding Kings Kruze took place.  This race relates directly to the need for trailer maintenance.  It was moved and seconded to cancel the Kings Kruze race for this year.  Motion passed with all in favor and one abstention.  Ryan will notify Richard Donavon and Gateway Community Church.

2015 Income & Expenses

  • 2015 Started with $3825
  • 2015 Member & Race fees $965
  • TZGP Profit $1934
  • Total $6724
  • 2015 Expenses $3791
  • 2015 End Of year $2965


Last year’s budget was discussed.  It was moved and seconded to approve income and expenses as presented.  The motion unanimously passed.

  • Tire and fuel sales will be made through Rick- He will also take PayPal but we must add 5% fee to total.

Ryan will manage all sales through Rick.  No action was taken on this item.

  • Points, Participation Series race? Would we like to have a Points system and or a participation raffle with an end of year cash payout?

A series idea discussion was led by Jeff Holt.  A motion was made and seconded to have Jeff organize and implement a points/participation series.  The motion passed with one objection.

  • Member Dues & Race Fees- Currently $20 for RCSR membership and $5 race fees, unlimited classes. $10 for Non-members. Do we change this to a $5 Racing fee and $5 per class Participation fee for end of year Raffle?


The item was discussed, but no action was taken.  The points/participation series will have to be developed before we make decisions on race fees.  Dues and fees will remain the same as last year until the points/participation series is developed.  Then, the issue will be revisited.

  • TNT- Will be discontinued this year. Rick has mentioned some possible play nights on some Fridays

A motion was made and seconded to discontinue TNT for this year.  Motion passed unanimously.



  • 16th-Cleanup
  • 24th Practice
  • 30th Race


  • 14th Race
  • 22nd Practice
  • 28th Race


  • 5th Practice
  • 11th Race
  • 25th Race


  • 2nd Race
  • 9th Practice
  • 10th TZGP Prep Day
  • 14th-17th 8th Annual Timezone Grand Prix
  • 30th Race


  • 14th Practice
  • 20th Race


  • 3rd Race and end of year Party

TZGP was discussed, and a tech person was still needed.  Sven said he would be willing to volunteer if other support is provided.  Ryan will continue to coordinate this effort.

Mike Biscieglia suggested we obtain an event permit for TZGP and possibly other race days.  Mike, Ryan, and Karen will investigate this with Clark County offices.

Nitro regionals were proposed for the June 25th race.  Motion was made and seconded to hold nitro regionals during our June 25th race.  Motion passes with a single vote in opposition.

A final motion was made and seconded to approve the schedule as presented, including nitro regionals date and elimination of Kings Kruze.  Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:10pm.