2017 Club Meeting Minutes

Rose City Scale Racing Meeting 3/4/17


Meeting called to order at 12:35pm by Ryan Newbury

Moved to approved agenda by Mike Godson and seconded by Dennis Capper.

After discussion the agenda and schedule listed in the agenda were approved unanimously.

Elections were the next item.

Dennis Capper was elected as treasurer and Kevin Rodgers was elected as track coordinator.  All other officers were reinstated for another year by unanimous vote.  These officers are Ryan Newbury as president, Mike Biscigelia as vice president, and Mike Godson as secretary.

Track locations for the summer season were discussed by the group.

Glennwood community church was confirmed and along with other suitable locations. No actions were taken.

Track improvements and expenses was the next agenda item.

Several club members offered to donate for Livetime software.  5 people offered $50 donations.  Mike Godson made a motion to pay the club bills.  Motion was seconded by Dennis Capper.  The motion was approved unanimously.

Trailer and needed backyard maintenance.

April 8th was already approved as date for this work party.  Mike Biscigelia noted all people involved with Rose City Scale Racing, racers and club members, should attend this event.  Interested parties can contact Ryan Newbury for more details. No actions were taken.

Discussion regarding membership dues and race fees.

Discussion centered on eliminating financial transactions taking place at the track site.  It was moved by Hector Garcia to eliminate membership and race fees all together and replace with a suggested donation amount per race day.  Mike Godson seconded the motion.  After some additional discussion the motion was unanimously approved.

The last agenda item was purchase of carpet from IIC track this year.

Much discussion took place regarding carpet condition, season timing for racing, location for temporary track, etc.  Mike Godson moved to approve the purchase of carpet from IIC up to a maximum of $2500, with Mike Biscigelia and Ryan Newbury to negotiate the price after inspection of the carpet in October.  Motion was approved unanimously.

Communication protocol was discussed.

A standardized way of communication was discussed and a general consensus was reached with people at the meeting.  This protocol will be followed regarding all information regarding events and Rose City Scale Racing.  If anyone has questions please contact Ryan Newbury.  No actions were taken.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:30PM.