Rose City Scale Racing is a nonprofit organization, that has been racing in the Portland metropolitan area for close to 30 years. Our race classes include 1⁄8 nitro open, 1/8 GT, 1⁄10 nitro sedans, 1⁄10 Electric sedans and possibly new this year F1. RCSR famous “Rose Cup” was once a featured Rose City event at Portland International Raceway, attracted over 250 racers from around the nation.

In 2004, we had the opportunity to host the 2004 ROAR Paved On-Road Nationals. Over 100 pro racers from all over the country competed in this event. RCSR received rave reviews for our effort.

RCSR features a portable 28ft long, 7ft tall drivers stand, the best in the nation for a great view of the track RCSR runs the latest state of the art computer scoring software. Our portable track measures approximately 200ft by 90ft, which can host both electric and nitro R/C cars.

I invite you to come out and see what R/C racing is about. Come by and introduce yourself we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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