Race Report: PIR, June 2,3

ImageOriginally Posted by Clete Landefeld 

Another great Rose City event was missed by many this weekend… great racing great friends and awesome food! Rick fed the masses off the famed Tregor grill with Chicken, Pork and beef… he even made Egg Rickmuffins in the morning… thank you Rick for your generosity and hard work. :nod: We were all very appreciative.

OH and we raced too…. 🙂
Track was huge and it had great flow.. but if you made a mistake.. it hurt big!

Jacko, I am still cleaning that freaking Gold paint off my car…. um.. the paint goes on the inside of the car… 🙂

I hope the union is treating you well cause your tire bill this year is going to be a hefty one!

Ryan, I got nothing… good driving and you car was really fast… I was at full wick and you just ran me over down the straight… nice.. F#$ken cheater! 🙂

And how about Holt, he has the GT8 on rails.. he gets the Never Say Die award for the weekend… a few flame outs put him back of the pack and he came back strong right at the end.. :sweat: that was a lot of fun running from you!

Godson, We missed you at the main… great fun this weekend!…



R3_Race_06_Electric Sedan Open_A3-Main

R3_Race_05_Nitro IGT_A-Main

R3_Race_04_Electric Sedan Open_A2-Main

R3_Race_03_1-8 Scale Open_A-Main

R3_Race_02_Electric Sedan Open_A1-Main

R3_Race_01_1-10 Scale Nitro Sedan_A-Main


R4_Race_03_1-8 Scale Open_A-Main

R4_Race_02_Nitro IGT_A-Main

R4_Race_01_1-10 Scale Nitro Sedan_A-Main